Saturday, March 3, 2007

turning over a new look and a new leaf

ok, so i get flack a lot for having a near deceased blog. i started blogging like a couple years ago, and i've posted maybe a dozen posts. thats it. my last post was a year ago today. i started getting disillusioned with blogging. it seemed so ego driven. we create these personas online and pretend that we have something important to say and that people actually want to read it. people say what they wouldn't have the balls to say in real life, and they these 'put-on' personas are engaging with other people's made up personas and it becomes so superfulous. so needless to say i was getting a bit skeptical and critical about it. but i realize on the other hand that blogs can also be a great avenue for people to express thoughts and questions that they have and to create dialogue on certain subjects for people to explore together. so i decided that i'm gonna give it another chance. so i have some posts lined up in my head and i will try and get them out on a regular basis and keep it consistent. its kind of like blogging and i were on a break and now we're gonna give it another try but if it doesn't work then we'll go our separate ways. i really have no problem living an unblogged life, but i fear perhaps i didn't give blogging a fair shot the first time. so, here we go.

first post to come sometime tonight after work...or tomorrow. if you even care.


Aaron said...

darryl... i hear ya man... sometimes i hate the phoniness of blogworld, but not only that, the illusion that one is actually being transparent while only creating a false version of themselves online.

may God give us the grace to be humbly transparent as we share our thoughts and our journey with others.

and may i not have to read about how much someone likes: death cab, bono, poetry, extreme sports, social activism, or anything else hyper-bandwagonish.

in redeeming your blog, let's seek to redeem the blog world.
let's just be.

N Shurr said...

you already missed the deadline for your next post. face it...its over.

Jared Siebert said...

"ego driven", "people say what they wouldn't have the balls to say in real life", "'put-on' personas", "superfulous"? You are talking about Nathan Colquhoun right?

Chris Lewis said...